No.178 CE

separate routes of sound separated diaphragms cross-section two-in-one tube
rotary soft earpiece movable binaural adjustable holding force diaphragms and earpieces

Stethoscope (Stereo Sound Stethoscope)

The world’s only stereo sound stethoscope. It is equipped with a single molded stem at the
center and a chest piece with independently constructed bell and diaphragm sides, and the
Two-in-One independent tubes carry two distinct sounds to left and right ears. It transfers
conventional sound information such as volume and high/low frequencies, but in addition,
it also accurately indicates time-differences and contrast to help discern the direction of
sound source, movement and how it spreads.

Rotational soft earpieces are attached to the binaural pieces, providing added comfort and fit,
and the angle of the pieces which contacts the ears are adjustable. In addition, it has durable
and flexible steel spring that fully maximizes Japanese quenching technology. In order to
minimize burden on the ears when used for long duration, the pressure is adjustable as well.
A CE mark product.

  • The chest piece is made light, and a non-chill resin is adopted for the diaphragm ring and the ring of
    the bell.
  • Besides loudness and quality of sound, possible to auscultate more detailed sonic information by
    the spread of sound, direction of the sound source, etc.
  • Colour:black, navy blue, burgundy, dark blue, hunter green, chocolate
    Length:about 68cm
    Weight: about 200g
    Material:Chest piece - zinc die-casted (chromium plated)
    Binaural - brass (chromium plated)
    Diaphragm diameter:φ49mm
    Bell diameter:φ36mm
    Standard attachments:stereo diaphragm 1 set, soft ear piece (large) 1 set, soft ear piece (small) 1 set,
    sealing ear tip (large) 1 set, sealing ear tip (small) 1 set

    Document by Dr. Tsunekazu Takashina