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    Stereophonette (Stereo Stethoscope)
  • Stereophonette No.178: The world’s only stereo sound stethoscope. It is equipped with a single molded stem at the center and a chest piece with independently constructed bell and diaphragm sides, and the Two-in-One independent tubes carry two distinct sounds to left and right ears. It transfers conventional sound information such as volume and high/low frequencies, but in addition, it also accurately indicates time-differences and contrast to help discern the direction of sound source, movement and how it spreads.

    For instance, it will add breadth to bronchial and vesicular breath sounds and it will allow clear audibility of fine crackle from interstitial pneumonia. Moreover, heart murmur from irregular blood flow will be detectable with a sense of direction by the resonating spacious sound.

    In a case of aortic insufficiency, the sound will be heard three-dimensionally according to the direction of the blood flow; early systolic ejection murmur will be audible from the right to left and diastolic regurgitant murmur from the left to right direction. Furthermore, when diagnosing mitral stenosis, the bell side may be used with the left portion held in the upper position to hear the rumbling of mid-diastolic murmur. Our stethoscope is capable of capturing important lateral information in auscultatory sound which is not detectable with conventional stethoscopes.

    Rotational soft earpieces are attached to the binaural pieces, providing added comfort and fit, and the angle of the pieces which contacts the ears are adjustable. In addition, it has durable and flexible steel spring that fully maximizes Japanese quenching technology. In order to minimize burden on the ears when used for long duration, the pressure is adjustable as well. Made in Japan CE mark product.
Document by
Dr. Tsunekazu Takashina
Document by
David J. Schneider, MD
Stereophonette Stethoscope

    Doctorphonette NEO (High-end Stethoscope)
  • Doctorphonette NEO No.188: The developers pursued a structural design to capture every minute abnormal sound throughout low and high-frequency range. And by interchanging the diaphragm and bell side parts, it can be converted for usage on children. It is a high-end stethoscope, precisely suited for various treatment scenes.

    By largely reducing low-frequency, faint abnormal sounds in mid-high pitch range could be clearly discerned by the diaphragm side. The wide and deep bell side will increase sound collection and will thoroughly capture III and IV heart murmurs which are otherwise difficult to discern.

    Stainless steel which is effective in minimizing acoustic resounding, noise and sound leak is used on the chest piece and the binaural pieces. Also, the Two-in-One soft tube is made with ample thickness to minimize sounds from interfering with each other, reduce damping of sounds, and block exterior noise with minimal leakage resulting in transfer of sound while maintaining clarity.

    Rotating soft earpiece and adjustable binaural pieces are used. A steel spring which maximizes Japanese quenching technology reduces burden when used in long duration. Made in Japan CE mark product.
Document by
Dr. Shoji Kudoh
Doctorphonette Stethoscope

    Large aneroid sphygmomanometer
  • Large aneroid sphygmomanometer: It comes in 3 variations; Clamp Type (No. 541), Floor-lamp Type (No. 542), Desk & Handy Type (No.543) All types come with large 140mm diameter scale meter for easy read, and cuff holder on the backside which can be removed for cleaning purposes. A washable cuff is included as a standard attachment. Connector plug could be attached to clean the cuff with water or liquid.
  • With a custom clamp on the Clamp type No.541, it may be easily installed on bedside rails, tables, trolleys and shelves among others. The meter may be rotated 360°degrees for achieving optimum viewing angle. The No.542 floor-lamp type has five sturdy caster wheels making it easy to transport with an simple adjustable pole for optimal viewing height. The desk & handy type No. 543 will fit stably on a desk and may be moved easily with its handle. The angle of the dial maybe adjusted for optimal viewing. Made in Japan CE mark products
Large aneroid sphygmomanometer
Clamp type No.541 CE Floorlamp type No.542 CE
Desk & Handy type No.543 CE

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