Doctorphonette NEO

No.188 CE

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interchangeable adult
and pediatric chest
rotary soft earpiece
movable binaural
adjustable holding force
changing parts

The developers pursued a structural design to capture every minute abnormal sound
throughout low and high-frequency range. And by interchanging the diaphragm and bell side
parts, it can be converted for usage on children. It is a high-end stethoscope, precisely suited
for various treatment scenes.

By largely reducing low-frequency, faint abnormal sounds in mid-high pitch range could be
clearly discerned by the diaphragm side. The wide and deep bell side will increase sound
collection and will thoroughly capture III and IV heart murmurs which are otherwise difficult
to discern.

Stainless steel which is effective in minimizing acoustic function, noise and sound leak is
used on the chest piece and the binaural pieces. Also, the Two-in-One soft tube is made
with ample thickness to minimize sounds from interfering with each other, reduce damping
of sounds, and block exterior noise with minimal leakage resulting in transfer of sound while
maintaining clarity. A CE mark product.

  • A high-end stethoscope for doctors.
  • Chest piece and binaural are of stainless steel.
  • Diaphragm and bell for adult use are interchangeable with those for pediatric use.
  • Thick two-in-one tube blocks external noise and reduces sonic attenuation.
  • Rotating soft earpiece and adjustable binaural pieces are used.
  • A steel spring which maximizes Japanese quenching technology reduces burden when used in long duration.
  • Color:black, navy blue, burgundy, dark navy, hunter green, chocolate
    Length:about 71cm
    Weight: about 200g
    Material:Chest piece - stainless steel
    Binaural - stainless steel
    Diaphragm diameter:large φ49mm, small φ40mm
    Bell diameter:large φ35mm, small φ30mm
    Standard attachments:diaphragm (small) 1 piece, pediatric bell 1 piece, soft ear piece (large and small) 1 set,
    sealing ear tip (large) 1 set, sealing ear tip (small) 1 set