Kenzmedico Stereophonette SX178

The art of cardiac auscultation is frequently replaced with the use of modern technology. Nevertheless, the simplicity and ease of use of a stethoscope is critical to good patient care. Kenzmedico has developed a stethoscope that will enhance your diagnostic skills. Their new stethoscope enables the clinician to hear heart sounds with stereophonic clarity. The acoustics of heart sounds are brought out by the novel design of the Stereophonette. Heart sounds are heard in a crisp and clear manner. The stereo nature of the device enhances auscultation of murmurs, particularly faint murmurs. In summary, the Stereophonette is an important advance in stethoscope technology that will become a staple of the astute clinician.

David J. Schneider, MD
Professor of Medicine
Director of Cardiovascular Division
University of Vermont